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"Modern Nuclear has been a leader in the field of nuclear cardiology in providing advanced imaging in both the SPECT and PET arenas. Not only was Pat (Laverty, CEO of Modern Nuclear) the first to offer mobile SPECT imaging service to cardiology offices, but he is one of the most honest and respected individuals I have been affiliated with in my 30 year nuclear medicine career."

-Samuel Kipper, MD, FACNP

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"From our first meeting, I was very impressed with the variety of cost-effective and scalable options the Modern Nuclear team brought to the table... In summary, our experience with Modern Nuclear has been uniformly positive and without reservation we recommend their services to any entity in need of short-term or long-term mobile nuclear medicine services."

-William M. Kelly, M.D.

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"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Pat Laverty and his team at Modern Nuclear for the past four years as an independent provider of image interpretation for their Nuclear Cardiology SPECT and PET services. I have found Modern Nuclear to be committed to providing the highest quality nuclear cardiology imaging services. Pat and his team are very responsive to my comments and suggestions and adjust their imaging to image quality."

-Howard C. Lewin, MD FACC FASNC

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"PET myocardial perfusion imaging is effective (high diagnostic accuracy), safe (low radiation exposure), efficient (short, 5 min image acquisition times), and patient-centered (accommodates ill or higher-risk patients as well as those with large body habitus), providing equitable (independent of patient characteristics and condition) and timely care."

-Timothy M. Bateman MD, et. all

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