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Mobile Cardiac PET/CT Imaging

PET/CT camera used for acquiring rest/stress and MBFR data

 The benefits of utilizing Modern Nuclear’s Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography (PET/CT) service:

  • 30-50% increase in scan revenue over SPECT per study.

    • Total patient time 1/4 of typical SPECT study.

      • No internal office specific required
      • Utilize your rooms for patient visits.

        • PET/CT HD image quality improves interpretive certainty.

          • 1/10th the radiation exposure compared to SPECT
          • No residual radiation.

            • Less soft tissue attenuation in studies compared to SPECT.

              • Superior sensitivity and specificity of CAD over SPECT.
              • Reduced physician cath-lab frequency due the accuracy.

                • Includes myocardial blood flow & coronary flow reserve.
                • Latest Cedars-Sinai processing & interpretation software.

                  • Imaging and reports stored on a secured PACs system.
                  • 24/7 remote access from your computer of choice.

                    • Accredited by IAC, and a certified Medicare provider.

                    To get your office started with our mobile PET/CT service, contact us today by clicking here!

                    Myocardial Blood Flow Reserve

                    MBFR results produced using Cedars-Sinai Interpretation software and acquired using Modern Nuclear's PET/CT camera

                    Increase the accuracy of your diagnosis by incorporating MBFR results. This is an example of Cedars-Sinai Blood Flow software captured on the Modern Nuclear, Inc. PET/CT acquisition camera using Rubidium. 

                    Below is an example of a single patient study in 3D mode, processed utilizing Cedars-Sinai's software. Lexiscan Stress dose of 25mCi Rb-82 and Rest dose of 25 mCi Rb-82.  

                    Stress/Rest example

                    QPS results example

                    QGS results example

                    Change results example

                    Cardiac Scan captured using our mobile Rubidium PET/CT scanner in both stress and rest conditions and displayed using Cedars Sinai's processing software. 

                    Rubidium PET/CT Stress and Rest using Cedars Sinai's QPS results software.

                    Rubidium PET/CT Stress and Rest using Cedars Sinai's QGS results software.

                    Rubidium PET/CT Stress and Rest using Cedars Sinai's change results software.

                    Coming May 2021!

                    Modern Nuclear's latest addition to the Cardiac PET/CT Fleet: Siemens Biograph mCT

                    Large bore - A large 78cm bore and table capacity of 500lb for the study of a larger patient population.

                    Short tunnel - 135 cm tunnel improves patient comfort and allows more room for patient positioning.

                    Exclusive bed design - Zero differential deflection between PET and CT for accurate attenuation correction, and TG-66 compliant for radiation safety.

                    4 mm LSO crystals - Better image quality and greater NEMA spatial resolution than BGO crystals.

                    TrueV - Increases the axial field of view to enable two times faster scans or half the injected dose without compromising image quality.

                    Time-of-Flight - Up to 200% improvement in signal-to-noise ratio for better image quality, lower dose or faster scan speed.

                    Time-of-Flight + HD*PET + TrueV - A combination of technologies that offers the potential for five-minute and five mCi  PET scans.