Cardiac PET Imaging

Using our mobile Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner, we have shown the benefits to PET scanning time and time again through both numerical and practical examples.

With PET, we can reduce the radiation typically associated with SPECT cardiac scanning from 1/8 to 1/10th the original radiation with no residual radiation. PET scanning is 20% more accurate than Cardiolite SPECT, Medicare approved and shown to increase scan revenue 30-50% per patient study when compared to SPECT. Additionally, PET produces higher defined images for clear and easy interpretation with no additional office space needed, keeping your physician and office staff at peak efficiency. For patients, the imaging time is only 1/4th the time at 45 minutes for rest & stress complete vs the standard 3-4 hours. 

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Below is an example of a single patient study in 3D mode, processed utilizing Cedars Sinai's software. Lexiscan Stress dose of 25mCi Rb-82 and Rest dose of 25 mCi Rb-82.

Stress/Rest example

QPS results example

QGS results example

Change results example

Cardiac Scan captured using our mobile Rubidium PET scanner in both stress and rest conditions and displayed using Cedars Sinai's processing software. 

Rubidium PET Stress and Rest using Cedars Sinai's QPS results software.

Rubidium PET Stress and Rest using Cedars Sinai's QGS results software.

Rubidium PET Stress and Rest using Cedars Sinai's change results software.