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Modern Nuclear, Inc. 

Modern Nuclear's latest addition to the fleet

    Modern Nuclear, Inc., a mobile Nuclear Medicine diagnostic cardiac imaging company, has been on the forefront of advanced cardiac imaging since opening our doors in 1988. Our services include in-office SPECT, mobile PET, as well as our expanding mobile cardiac PET/CT fleet; the gold standard in myocardial perfusion imaging.

    With our service, you'll receive superior diagnostic imaging cameras, certified and professional staff, and all required supplies right to your office.

    Modern Nuclear takes great pride in utilizing Cedars-Sinai’s image processing and reporting software in conjunction with the latest camera technology to allow Physicians an option to engage in a professional and state-of-the-art turnkey service for their patients. 

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Rubidium Perfusion using Modern Nuclear's PET/CT camera

Positron Emission Tomography with Computed Tomography (with CAT scan)

Our mobile cardiac PET/CT provides improved accuracy, less radiation and increased efficiency in the detection of coronary artery disease compared to current modes of nuclear stress testing (SPECT). A cardiac PET/CT perfusion scan images blood flow to the heart muscle at rest and stress. It can detect coronary artery disease by demonstrating decreased blood flow, which may benefit from angioplasty or surgery. This service is completed within 45 minutes per patient in our state-of-the-art imaging trailer allowing customary workflow within the office setting to be undisturbed. 

PET/CT camera used for acquiring rest/stress and MBFR data using BRACCO's CardioGen-82®
Trailer which houses Modern Nuclear's PET/CT camera
SPECT camera used for acquiring rest/stress data using Cardiolite or Myoview
Van used to transport the SPECT camera directly to a physicians facility

Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography

By comparing the images of (the heart muscle) myocardial uptake (perfusion) during rest and myocardial uptake (perfusion) during stress, a cardiac SPECT scan can accurately determine whether patients have coronary blockages, scarring, or normal perfusion, function and viability. This service is performed within a facility or office setting as the camera is compact and can be utilized in a room as small as 7’x8’. These units can host patients up to 500lbs and by using same-day myocardial perfusion imaging protocol (Rest & Stress), these units provide fast and reliable results. 

  To expand your service capabilities, increase proper diagnostic percentage, and increase the clarity and quality of your cardiac scans, click here to contact us so you can see first hand how you and your organization can benefit using our mobile Rubidium Cardiac PET/CT service.  

  To begin cardiac SPECT imaging for your patients from the comfort of your office, click here to contact us so you can see first hand how you and your office can benefit using our portable SPECT imaging service.    

If you are a patient due to be scanned and need additional information, please refer to our "Patient Information" section.